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Simple Faith: 
Something Worth Living For

As Christians, how do we know what we know? This simple question challenges the nature of information, how we learn, decision making, who we are, and who this God is that we worship. If this challenge appears optional; it is not—our post-Christian culture questions every faith assumption. Simple Faith examines these questions and

discusses implications for faith and life.


An important implication of this study is that faith plays a critical role into how we think, learn, and make decisions in the context of limited resources and an uncertain future. Even scientific inquiry requires faith, which normally gets hidden in untested assumptions and presumptions about what is interesting to investigate. Often the critical arguments driving our decisions are not cold hard facts, but the stories that we tell in the midst of complex decision environments.


The timing of this inquiry is critical. The movement from modern to postmodern thinking has upended most institutions, but especially the Christian church. The separation of heart and mind, which characterizes modern thinking, eroded faith leaving the church in a weak position to adapt to the rapid changes accompanying postmodernism. Ironically, postmodern thinking that values storytelling favors Christian faith because the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the best story around.


Hear the words; walk the steps; experience the joy!

The two main tasks of the church in evangelizing are: saving the soul, and saving the mind . . . Stephen walks us carefully through this mine-field of thought in a Biblically centered method with clarifying illustrations.   

                                            - Honorable Rollin A. Van Broekhoven

I'm grateful for Stephen's willingness to tackle these important questions. He's written a practical book that will be useful for those who long to deepen their faith.

                                                         - Rev. Dr. Stephen A. Macchia

Rarely, do I find a modern writer that communicates such depth of knowledge, and yet, practical understanding of the bible. 

                                                               - Pastor Eric Teitelman


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Centreville, Virginia

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